Help with making a PowerPoint Presentation

You can impress your audience and make your point of view very clear by making your next presentation stand out from the others by creating slides in PowerPoint. The following tutorial will help you with making a PowerPoint Presentation on ‘how to increase your sales profit.

1. How to Get Started

First open PowerPoint; you will now see a blank ‘slide’ with empty spaces left for you to type in the title ‘how to increase your sales profit’ and a related subtitle. Just click inside the ‘Title’ box and type out the title.

2. How to create slides

The ‘subtitle’ box is for you to insert more text which provides a detail about the project. But if you don’t want to do so right in the first slide itself, you can just select it and press the ‘delete’ button to get it deleted. You can insert a picture instead of leaving the space barren. Adjust the size of the image to make it fit correctly in the slide, or else the image will seem to be taking up a larger space than the original slide.

3. How to create a New Slide

Now that you have made the slide with the title, we will make the remainder of the presentation. Take your mouse and click on the menu. With your mouse pointer, you should click on the label named “Insert” followed by the label named “New Slide”. This will create a slide that will have a formatting different from the title.

This is the normal slide which will have a box to insert the header or title and another box to insert the comment or the Text. Using the mouse pointer, you can double click in each box and enter the header first and then Click and type all the information on ‘how to increase the sales profit.

4. How to add Bullets or Paragraph Text

The slides have already been set up to insert text in bullet format for your text. You can choose to stay with the bullet format to provide steps on ‘how to increase the sales profit’. Press ‘enter’ and I will automatically make the paragraph indent to appear.

5. How to Add a Design

Now that you are done with adding all your text and filling in the details in each of the slide, we suggest you add some designs to your PowerPoint presentation to give it a more professional look. To do this, you need to go the label named ‘Format’ under the menu options and then click on the label named ‘slide design’. This will display the formats available. Click on ‘select’ and it will be applied to all of your slides automatically. You can also change it anytime you want it you are not totally satisfied with the current selected one.

6. Sit back and enjoy your Slide Show!

After you are finished with everything, adding text, images, and designs to your presentation, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your new presentation! Click on the label ‘view’ under the menu options, then select the label named ‘slide show’. This will show your slides in full screen mode on your computer. You can then scroll through the entire work using the keys with the arrow signs on your keyboard. After it has ended press ‘escape’ key and it will return to the normal screen.