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IELTS graph essay is one of the challenging tasks in your IELTS exam as you will be require to analyze various types of graphs such as single line, double line, bar graph, pie chart or table. In order to maximize results, you can get help online with our tutoring service if you do not know how to write essay of IELTS. We provide extensive assistance for your essay IELTS writing task 1 to help guarantee a high band rating. Here is an IELTS essay sample for writing a graph essay:

The chart shows the time spent by American’s residents on different types of cars in between 1999 and 2007.  Ford was the highest throughout the period, generating 15 million in sales in 1999 and increased to 50 million in 2007. Both local and international brands of cars grew steadily in sales from 15 million to 100 million at the end of the period in question and the growth of new car sales slowed over the past year. There was also dramatic increase in Hyundai cars from 5 million to 45 million. The rise in sales was particularly noticeable in between 2004 and 2006, which during this time the prices of Hyundai cars has become affordable. To sum up, although Ford was still popular up to 2007, the gap between the two cars has narrowed considerately over the second half of the period.

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No matter what graph, it is important that your report must comply with the limited length of words within just 20 minutes. Never use bullets; your graph essay should be that of writing an essay or letter. It is important to study and prepare if you have limited knowledge how to write IELTS essay. If you need paragraph corrector help, or online tutoring services can prove to be an invaluable assistance to writing IELTS graph essay. Ensure success in your IELTS exam and hire professional tutors for completing your essay IELTS writing task and any part of the exam effectively.