Warning Signs of a Fraudelent Essay Writing Service

As evidence shows, the number of those scammed by unscrupulous essay writers and essay writing services continues to increase. What’s even more peculiar though is that many of those who plan on hiring an Essay Writer don’t do proper research in order to see if the services they want to use are legitimate or not. Therefore, if you want avoid falling victim to such scammers, be sure to pay attention to the following warning signs.

The company encourages the use of their own plagiarism checker

Let’s say that after 10 minutes of researching for a professional academic essay writer, you find someone that fits the glove. The service provider seems legit, has a low price for the type of essay that needs to be completed and overall, looks like they are the real deal. However, if they recommend using their own plagiarism checker, then that is definitely a red flag. Chances are that their tool is “fixed”. As a result, it may not function properly and at the same time you may risk having your essay published/stolen in part or in whole.
Let’s face it: Most of us are generally suckers for low prices. The thing is that if the college essay writer for pay that you want to hire charges less than $15 a page, then he may very well be a scam. This is because hiring a native English speaker costs a lot more than that.

Authorize.net is the only payment method

Don’t get us wrong: Authorize.net is one of the most popular payment gateways in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also a very common choice for many foreign and also sketchy companies. This site allows people to receive payments offshore without having a business registered in the United States.

The company has been online since 1995

While this is very easy to check, some people may have trouble verifying whether the service’s claim is true or not. The best way to check how long the website’s been up online would be by going to whois.net. You may also proceed to check the company’s corporate records and even verify if there are any reviews posted about it online. Chances are though, that the company literally doesn’t exist and the scam detector will go through the roof.

Offering affiliate programs

Many students will certainly love to take part in the affiliate program ran by the content writing service they’re using to get professional, persuasive and high-quality articles and that’s because this way they can save good money on their next order(s). Unfortunately, where an affiliate program is in place, there’s a good reason to be wary of it. This is because they’re generally used by the fraudulent service to spread their scam through third parties. Furthermore, they can do this without having to worry about putting themselves at risk.

The company guarantees complete privacy and security

In general, you’re going to be guaranteed complete security and privacy by the majority of fraudulent custom college and academic writing services. What these scammers usually don’t include though are the jurisdiction and/or lawful authorities they operate under. So if the service you’re currently planning on using fits the bill, then It would be advisable to look for a different one.

Live chat

The live chat function is very useful since it allows potential clients to better understand how the service works. Our advice is that you use the live chat function in order to talk to the representative and see whether his English is fluent or not. If he starts writing in broken English, then this is a clear sign the service may be a scam.

Exclusive offers

Last but not least, let’s say that a student is looking for the best essay writer online. They browse the web and suddenly stumble upon a content writing service that guarantees impeccable English and no plagiarism. Now assume that the student starts a chat with the CSR and soon changes their mind about using the service. If upon doing this he or she may be immediately offered a special offer, then that is they key sign that it is time to move on and look for a different service. Keep in mind that some of the offers the service may make can be very appealing, but do not fall for their scheme. Their main goal is to make profit and after making a payment, you’re never going to get the high quality content that was expected and the disappointment factor spikes. All in all, hiring an essay writing service for pay can be a daunting task, especially if this is the first time you have considered it. Fortunately, weeding out the sketchy/fraudulent services from the legit ones and getting the high quality content you need by being mindful of the warning signs is now just a little bit easier. Good luck!